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Welcome to my website

I'm Andrew Bingham and I'm delighted to have been re-elected to represent the High Peak in Parliament, having done so since May 2010.  I was born in the High Peak, and having lived here all my life it has meant a great deal to me to be able to stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure that local people had a strong voice in Westminster.

On this website you will find how to contact me as well as examples of some issues and campaigns I've been involved with.  There are also links to local organisations and other local information which should be of use to you if you live in the constituency.  If you are a constituent and would like to get in touch, I would be very happy to hear from you.


Andrew raises over £6500 for Mountain Rescue Teams

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Local MP Andrew Bingham completed his Golf Challenge sponsored by Nestlé Waters last Friday, raising over £6500 for the Mountain Rescue Teams as he played 9 holes of golf on each of the seven courses in the High Peak.

The challenge started at Glossop & District Golf Club at 4:30am, where he played the round with Andrew Hall, shooting 62 shots, and Glossop Business Network’s Kathy Ford caddied for him. Despite the heavy rain during the night, the weather stayed dry for the duration of the round.

At Sickleholme Golf Club in Bamford, intermittent showers broke over the course at times, with Andrew shooting 54 over the nine holes.

Following Sickleholme was Hope Golf Course, where Andrew stopped for a delicious cooked breakfast laid on by Hope Construction, before playing the sodden course in dry and sunny conditions. He played with Brian Wilson, who has worked at Hope Construction for almost 40 years. Having carded 50 for the round, it was on to the next course.

Buxton & High Peak Golf Club saw a surprise, as the club donated £100 towards the challenge. Andrew carded 54 shots, and heavy rain showers saw him get wet again. It was nothing, however, compared to what was to come.

At Cavendish Golf Club, heavy rain & gales drenched Andrew and his playing partner Nick Pink, the CEO of England Golf. Andrew still managed to shoot 57, despite the weather.

New Mills Golf Club saw more heavy rain showers, with Andrew once again getting soaked as he played 58 shots around the nine holes.

By the time he got to Chapel Golf Club, the weather had cleared up, and it stayed dry for the round. Andrew played the course with Chris and Gordon Reynolds, a father and son who both work for Avanti Conveyors, the company that sponsored the shirts and caps for that course. He took 59 shots for the round, giving a total of 394 for the 63 holes.

Andrew finished on the 18th green at 9:25pm, watched from the balcony of the clubhouse by representatives of the sponsors and clubs that had supported the challenge, as well as representatives of the four Mountain Rescue teams.

After finishing his challenge and presenting a cheque for £6502 to the Mountain Rescue teams, Andrew said:

“I’m extremely grateful to all the sponsors for supporting my challenge, and to all the clubs for allowing me the courtesy of their courses.

“It’s been a very long day, but it’s all been worth it for the huge amount that has been raised for the Mountain Rescue teams. We’ll split the money equally between the four teams in the High Peak, so each of them will get over £1600.

“There’s still money coming in, so the final total could be higher, and people can still donate via my JustGiving page,"

The companies sponsoring the Golf Challenge were:
•    Nestle Waters
•    Hope Construction Materials
•    Avanti Conveyors
•    Swizzels Matlow
•    Hockerley Consult Ltd
•    Lea Manufacturing
•    The Old Hall Hotel, Buxton
•    No.6 The Square Tearooms
•    British Spirals & Castings
•    Otter Controls Ltd
•    Aggregate Industries
•    Tarmac Cement
•    Federal Mogul
•    High Peak Business Club
•    Glossop Business Network


I was greatly saddened to learn of the passing, on Saturday 2 July, of Ken Blakeman (far left of photo), chair of Kinder Mountain Rescue and the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation. Ken was a great contributor to the Mountain Rescue, and I had been dealing with him on issues affecting Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. He spoke on behalf of the Mountain Rescue at the event following my Golf Challenge, and it was a terrible shock to learn of his sudden death the following day. My thoughts go to his family, his friends, and the whole Mountain Rescue community in the High Peak. He will be sorely missed.


EU Referendum result

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Following the momentous decision to leave the European Union, I will put a more detailed article on here within the next few days. The High Peak, like the country narrowly voted to leave and, as you will know, my own view was that Britain would be better out of the European Union, and I am still of that opinion. Events will move quickly over the next few hours and days and, given the surprise at this result, there will now be a period of uncertainty, but it is important that we are pragmatic and remain calm.

I am sorry that the Prime Minister has decided that he will stand down before October, however he is clear that we need a period of stability that he will stay to oversee.

There are those who felt I campaigned too much for leaving and there are those who feel I didn't campaign hard enough. However, I was always clear from the start that I would not use my position to hector or cajole people into agreeing with my view, because it was and is my belief that the principle of a referendum is that it is for the people to decide, having come to their own decision, and then it is the duty of elected representatives to follow and implement that decision, which is what I will strive to do.

I will update this article as further developments occur.



My support in the leadership election

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Following the announcement from David Cameron that he intends to stand down as Prime Minister, the Conservative Party has to select a new leader and thereby a new Prime Minister. I have been emailed by several people asking who I intend to support. I said I would wait until nominations closed on Thursday 30th June.

The big surprise just before nominations closed was the decision of Boris Johnson not to put his name forward. This left a field of five; Stephen Crabb, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May. I wanted to speak to the candidates before making my final decision as I had questions of them all. The issue that everyone is talking about is Brexit. Should the new leader be someone who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, or could a ‘Remainer’ do the job given the result on June 23rd? These are questions particularly for Theresa and Stephen as they both believed that remaining was the best option. I wanted to know how they would go forward executing the result of the 23rd.

However the decision on the new leader and our new Prime Minister is not solely about the matter of withdrawal from the EU, there is so much more to be considered. Also, when political parties select new leaders they are usually in opposition. This gives the winner time, as leader of the Opposition, to grow into the job, to prepare for the potential office of Prime Minister. On this occasion however, whoever is elected will be thrust straight into the role, so, in my opinion, experience is a key factor in this election. This very much changes the dynamic of the election, I will not just be voting for a new leader of the Conservative Party, I will be voting for a new Prime Minister.

As I considered the various candidates it was obvious that Theresa May was the most experienced. She has been Home Secretary for 6 years and has previously served as a Councillor as well as holding senior positions within the Conservative Party.  Michael, Stephen and Liam have all had cabinet experience, but whilst Andrea has served as a Minister, this was not at Cabinet level, and she has less experience than the others in terms of Parliamentary service. However I was extremely impressed at Andrea’s performance during the EU Referendum.

I spoke to Theresa personally over the weekend and I asked her about her views on the EU, because constituents who voted out, like I did, have expressed concern that someone advocating remain should be the Prime Minister. I put this question to her and she was very clear that the result from the referendum had to be implemented and there was no retreating from it. She gave me an undertaking that she would set up a department solely to deal with Brexit and that department would be headed up by someone who was a committed Brexiter. Added to that her proposer is Chris Grayling, himself a committed Brexiter. Knowing Chris as I do, I am sure he would not have agreed to sign her paper had he any doubts that Theresa would not follow the instructions from the British people on the 23rd June. I also spoke to her about various other issues - including the funding for the road programme, as this has a huge effect in Glossop - and she gave me the answers I was looking for.

Following this conversation and others, I have come to the conclusion that the best candidate and the one I will be supporting is Theresa May. As ever with any decision I know this will please some and disappoint others, but it is a considered judgement. I have not sought to commit early to any candidate, because I wanted to take my time and fully consider all aspects of each candidate. As an MP I have a vote that will bring the field down to two candidates; the final decision lies with the whole membership of the Conservative Party. They will select from the two candidates and the result will be known in early September. Until that time, David Cameron will remain our Prime Minister and we will continue to govern the country focussed on delivering the manifesto that we were elected to do in 2015.


New Mills Primary’s School Council welcomes Andrew

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Local MP Andrew Bingham visited New Mills Primary School recently, to talk to their School Council ahead of their forthcoming visit to London.

The hard-working politician spoke to them about life in Westminster and what the job of an MP entails, as well as how Parliament and Government works. He also met with the School Governors following his meeting with the School Council.

Andrew said:

“I’m always happy to go along to schools and speak to pupils about how Government works, the role of MPs, and to answer any questions they have about the political process.

“Whilst I am passionate about getting young people more interested in politics, I’m also very careful not to be party political. I see it as part of my job to help foster their interest in the world around them, but it’s not up to me to tell them that one specific way is better than another.

“The pupils at New Mills seemed very interested in how things work and what goes on in Westminster, and it was a pleasure to speak to them.”

School Council Lead, Cara Williams, said:

"Andrew spoke to the children with enthusiasm and humour, answering their questions openly and honestly. The children are looking forward to meeting him again at the Houses of Parliament."


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